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In 2018 in Konya / Turkey which was founded Lupus Medical Corporation as sterilization units, patient rooms, mortuary unit, hemodialysis unit, laboratory department and dental departments produce in the light of international quality standards, we have been manufacturing professional equipment necessary for hospitals and health centers. With our 20 years of experience, we are carrying out reference projects with our professional engineers.

We make a difference with the way we work!
We listen to you first and offer you the right solution for your hospital or project. We realize that your time is valuable and we start our work at the promised time, we carry the necessary equipment and information with us for our work and prevent unnecessary time losses. We do things with a smiling face. We stand behind our works, answer your questions after the installation, prevent you from becoming a victim by intervening when necessary, and try to create happy customers. We know that success is not the number of work done with the results of the work done by our satisfied customers advise us.


Vision of Lupus Medical ;
– To be the largest and most preferable company in World with the option of medical products.

Mission of Lupus Medical ;
– To continuously and significantly increase the value we add to our customers, employees, society, and environment with our activity, agility and organizational efficiency.